The United States Geological Survey is a government entity that operates under the Department of the Interior. One of its far-reaching duties is to obtain information on the streams in the United States. This data is available as the Daily Values and Peak Values datasets. Each state maintains its own offices and own databases. Until November, 1997, the states were obliged to send their yearly data to a central database, WATSTORE. Compliance with this obligation varied widely between states. Thus, one could obtain data from the district office, from WATSTORE or from the yearly Water Data Reports. It was not unheard of to have each source report different data values for a given station.

With the closure of WATSTORE, the new access for data is the USGS website. While this has made obtaining individual station data fairly simple, it has made it much more difficult to do retrievals of large numbers of stations.

As of this writing, only Daily Values, Streamflow-Mean data has been totally transfered to the website. Some Peak Values data are also available. The missing parameters and data are to be updated by the middle of 1998.

United States Geological Survey
Water Resources Data Exchange Office
421 National Center
Reston, VA 20192

Daily Values
Provisional Data

Peak Values

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