Hourly Precipitation (TD3240)

General Information

The data are taken at principal (primary) and secondary stations, and those cooperative observer stations operated by the National Weather Service (NWS) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The files cover the United States, Pacific protectorates, Puerto Rico, and Virgin Islands. Initially a number of gage types were used; these were gradually superseded by the Fischer Porter gage, introduced in 1963. At present some 2000 of these are used, with the remaining gages being the Universal Rain Gage. Both types have automated readout, the Fischer Porter on tape and the Universal on chart.

The database contains the records from about 5500 hourly precipitation stations that have operated over the years. About 2500 were operating in 1988. The period of record for the hourly data is mostly from 1948 to present, with a handful of stations extending back to 1900.

For complete information on this dataset, write the NCDC and ask for their TD-3240 Precipitation Documentation Manual.

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