Product Pricing and Ordering

Data are available either by lease or by purchase. With a lease, you are entitled to use the data for the length of the lease. When the lease expires, you must either renew it, or return the disc and all associated manuals. Our standard lease term is for one year. Contact us if you are interested in shorter or longer terms.

Alternatively, you may purchase the disc outright. You then own the disc and all manuals.

Both the lease and the purchase include the data, a user manual, related data manuals and free technical support.

TopicArea of CoverageAnnual LeasePurchase
Hydrodata™ USGS Daily Values Regional$250$495
Hydrodata™ USGS Peak ValuesNationwide$250$495
Climatedata™ NCDC Summary of the Day Regional$250$495
Climatedata™ NCDC Hourly Precipitation Regional$250$495
Climatedata™ NCDC 15-Minute PrecipitationNationwide$250$495

You can order by calling us at 303-443-7839.

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