Off-the-shelf Data Delivery Option

Off-the-shelf data are datasets with pre-determined contents and area of coverage. Usually, these are a single topic disc covering all data available at the time of our annual updates (usually early each year). The area of coverage is determined by the size of the data for that topic.

These publications are available through a yearly lease, or a one time purchase. As a leaser, you're entitled to use the disc(s) for a year with updates of data occurring in early May. As a purchaser you own the disc(s); however this does not entitle you to yearly updates.

Off-theShelf TitlesArea of Coverage
USGS Daily Values Regional
USGS Peak ValuesNationwide
NCDC Summary of the Day Regional
NCDC Hourly PrecipitationNationwide
NCDC 15-Minute PrecipitationNationwide


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