Y2K Compliance for Hydrodata for Windows, Version 3.x

Hydrodata for Windows is Y2K compliant with the following caveats:
  1. Hydrodata for Windows uses Visual Basic 3.0 for its User Interface code. The VB 3 user interface is not Y2K compliant for dates that are entered with 2-digit years - it treats such an entry as based from 1900. So, if you enter a date of Jan 30, 01, VB 3 thinks this is Jan 30, 1901. The only place in Hydrodata for Windows that allows the entry of such a date is in the GOTO function for finding data in the Hourly and 15-Minute Precipitation database. If you use the GOTO function, you are prompted for a date. If you enter a date in two-digit format, it will look for the date based from 1900. If you wish to find data after 1999, you must enter the full 4-digit date.
  2. Plotting Data in Hydrodata for Windows will not accept a date range that goes into the year 2000. It will display an error message and ask you to change the entered date to be between 1800 and 2000. Since there are currently no data in the datasets beyond the year 2000, this is not a problem. By the time that the various datasets start having data in 2000 (two years from now), this limit will have been removed from our code, and will reflect a new range. This limit was imposed to help the user notice if they had entered a date range that did not correspond to the dates that the data would reasonably have.
  3. There are several places in the data screens where we display dates using 2-character year format to save space, even though the actual dates are stored internally in full four-year format. Such a case is the display of some dates for Peak Flows in the Annual and Partial screens. Again, since there are currently no data after 1999, this is not a concern. By the time the datasets have data in the year 2000, we will have changed the formatting of these dates to show the year as 4-character. Note that in the Peaks case, the water year is displayed near the date of the measurement, and the water year is displayed in full 4-character format, so it is easy to determine what century the flood belongs to.

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Last Updated February 16, 2008
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