Problem with exporting Peak Values Annual and Partial Data

The export engine for the Peak Values database has a problem when exporting Annual or Partial data in the Delimited Format. If the value is in the fourth quarter of the year, the export reports a date using the water year date instead of the calendar year date. For example, if the peak flow occurred on November 4, 1994, which is in water year 1995, the export will report a date of 11/04/95 instead of 11/04/94.

This problem is found in all versions of the Peak Values disc prior to the 2000 updates with version 4.x of Hydrodata for Windows. You can verify that you have the problematic export engine by looking in the directory where you installed Hydrodata for Windows (usually c:\hydro). In this directory, locate the file hprengin.exe. If it has a date of 4-1999 or earlier, then it does have the problem.

To fix the problem

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Last Updated October 20, 2000
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