Version Changes for Older Unsupported Hydrodata for Windows

These versions are no longer supported
Version 3.02
Version 3.01
Version 3.00
Version 2.30
Version 2.20
Version 2.10
Version 2.0b
Version 1.10

Release Version 3.02


  1. Fix a problem in displaying a Summary Window in the Peaks database. If the station did not have any peak data, the Summary window would generate a Type Mismatch error and Hydrodata would terminate. It now correctly displays the blank fields for the missing data. This happened for only a very small set of stations.

Version 3.01


  1. Fix a problem in Hourly Precipitation when displaying or exporting the Hourly View. Previously, if the station did not properly match the flags when reporting events, the View and export would invert the flag marking. It now turns off an unmatched flag at the next event encountered.
  2. Fix a problem in 15-Minute Precipitation when displaying or exporting the Quarter-Hourly View. Previously, if the station did not properly match the flags when reporting events, the View and export would invert the flag marking. It now turns off an unmatched flag at the next event encountered.
  3. Fix a problem in EPA STORET data when reporting an error. Before, the error code was not properly translated. It now displayed the correct error message.
  4. Fix a problem in the Latitude/Longitude Selection command. Previously, the selection only occurred at the degree level, even if minutes and seconds were entered. (i.e., 33:30:00 latitude would be interpreted as only 33:00:00). It now properly recognizes the 33:30 as representing 33 degrees, 30 seconds.
  5. Fix a problem in Summary of the Day Monthly Data. For the End-Of-Month statistic, the summary End-Of Year display for a Trace value was displayed as -8193. This is now displayed as the word Trace.
  6. Fix a problem in Summary of the Day Daily Statistics for Evaporation. If either the Minimum or Year of Minimum was selected, the values displayed were arbitrary. It now displayed all missing values, since the minimum for Evaporation (like Precipitation and Snow) is implied zeros.
  7. Fix a problem in Copy-Special for graphs. Before, it would not properly copy the metafile showing the graph; it only copied the time-series data underlying the graph. It now copies both the metafile and the textual data.

Version 3.0

New Features

  1. Add Drain Area as a field in the Station Window. This contains data for Daily Values and Peak Values, and is blank for others.
  2. Add Drain area to Selection menu.
  3. Add Drain area to Find window.
  4. Add Drain area to Sort window.
  5. Add ability in Options-Save Windows Layout to remember column sizes of the Station Window attributes.
  6. Add ability to Print highlighted stations in the Stations Window.
  7. Add Exceedences to Hourly Precipitation Monthly Statistics window.
  8. Add Exceedences to 15-Minute Precipitation Monthly Statistics window.
  9. Add flag marking for NCDC Summary of the Day Daily Data. Days whose data have been flagged (usually with an Accumulation flag) are now highlighted in green.


  1. Display Sorted in status bar at bottom of application when a Sort criteria has been applied to the station window.
  2. Print the statistics at the bottom of the Monthly Data window along with the rest of the data.
  3. Print the Annual column in Monthly Statistics window along with the rest of the data.
  4. Add display in Help About showing what version of data is on the disk. This is equivalent to the Volume displayed on the disk label.
  5. Fix several problems in Open Marked Stations. Before, the application would accept any dbf file and report stations loaded, even if the file did not have a KEY field. If a Show Marked Only command was issued, it then returned 0 stations matched. Now, the input dbf file must have a KEY field. Before, the application would fail if a value in the KEY field was NULL. Now it skips that record. Before, if a non-existent file were specified, the application died. Now a warning message is displayed saying the file cannot be found.

Version 2.3

New Features

  1. Add ability to handle Resource Disk.


  1. Fix display grid for Summary Statistics window so scroll bar isnt offset to right.
  2. Fix problem in opening Plot Info after a second (or later) trace is added to graph, and the graphing engine reports an error, and Hydrodata reported the error. Before, a Type Mismatch error was reported and Hydrodata terminated. Now, no error is encountered and the window opens without the bad trace being present.

Version 2.2

New Features

  1. Add Global Climatedata Database with Monthly Data and Monthly Statistics Views.
  2. Add Custom Data database.
  3. Add Right Click over Parameters text box in data windows to translate the parameter into its pcode and longname.
  4. Add Right Click over the Parameter Window spreadsheet, parameter column, to translate the parameter into its pcode and longname.
  5. Add Right Click over Country for Global Climatedata to translate the county code into a name.
  6. Add Right Click over Agency for Global Climatedata to translate the agency code into a name.


  1. Fix display of Summary of the Day statistics to be exact zero instead of small Scientific Notation value.
  2. Unify error messages when reported from diverse data layer types.
  3. Fix problem in Long/Lat search where a blank character in a field caused a Type Mismatch error and the application died. It now ignores blanks.
  4. Fix a problem when changing disks after a Sort was done on one disk. Before, the Sort specification was remembered and applied to the new disk. (This caused unexpected long waits on loading) Now, it is reset to no-criteria for the new disk.
  5. Revise Long/Lat searching algorithm to handle negative values.

Version 2.10

New Features

  1. Add EPA STORET export functionality.
  2. Add Plot functionality for EPA STORET
  3. Add Plot Functionality for USGS Peaks.
  4. Add Scatter Plot option for all traces.


  1. Fix problem with QPD Data Menu: the 15-Minute pick did not work. It now properly opens the data window.
  2. Fix problem with QPD: if Hydrodata for Windows is started with a drive switch on the command line, this would cause a disk not recognized error. The drive could still be accessed using the File-Select CD command. It now properly references the drive.
  3. Fix problem with marking when changing between databases: the Mark list was maintained across disk changes, and this could lead to errors from Show Marked Only and Export Marked. It now removes the list when a new CD is registered.
  4. Fix problem in Export window when a station is removed: the years unique to that station were not removed from the year pick list. Now, the list is updated to remove those years.
  5. Speeded up some of the steps in export to reduce time spent building the list of stations displayed in the Export Window.
  6. Fix problem in Export of Daily Values when there are stations with same ID and parameters but with different x-section location or sample depth. Before, the Export list of station displayed only the first of these stations. It now displays all stations.
  7. Fix problem with Select form being displayed so that the title bar is off the top of the screen. It now centers aligned with the top and left of the parent form if normal centering would have caused it to be displayed above the top or left of the left edge of the parent.
  8. Fix problem with Peak Values when displaying Annual or Partial Peaks data, and the AltDate has a blank for the day and /or month. Before, this generated a Type Mismatch error and the application crashed. Now it displays the date with the day and month blank.

Version 2.00b


  1. Fix Edit-Copy Special: Daily Data were not copied, although it looked like they had been. The command now properly copies the specified years of data.
  2. Fix Edit-Copy Special for HPD and QPD events: it left the hour-glass on in the Year Pick screen and didnt properly copy the data. It now resets the hourglass for the pick, and copies the proper data.
  3. Fix Edit-Copy Special for HPD storm: it didnt recognize the view name and put up an Assert message. It now handles the copying properly.
  4. Fix redrawing of Daily Data window: when the window was resized, it left the scroll bars displayed at the original location. It now moves the scroll bars with the window.
  5. Fix Export - File Save dialog box: it displayed the full path for the export file name, and didnt recognize the changes entered via clicking on the Drive-Directory choices. It now displays only the default file name, and accepts and uses the choices made via the Drive and Directory list picks.

Version 2.00

Menu Changes

  1. Move Save Settings from File menu to Options menu and rename to Save Windows Layout. No change in functionality.
  2. Rename Save Selections between Runs to Save Station Selection. Change from CHECK option to a COMMAND (executed when clicked upon)
  3. Make Show Toolbar option permanently displayed in the Option Menu Have it function properly.
  4. Add Export commands to Export menu.

Window Changes

  1. Revise Station Parameter Window header to show two sections: Station attributes, Parameter attributes.
  2. Add More button to Station Parameter Window.
  3. Add Acre-Feet to Daily Data Window for Hydrodata parameter of 60 (Streamflow (cfs)).
  4. Change Parameter Selection - Advanced tab to show # Obs instead of Count in Field selection list box.
  5. Add to Parameter Selection - Advanced tab a field of # Years which allows selection on number of years of data.
  6. Add Maximum and Minimum statistic pick to the Monthly Data window for Daily Values and Summary of the Day.
  7. Revise layout of Export window. Use toolbar or Export menu instead of command buttons. Use Tab format for sorting station data records into data record types. Display Water Years in Year Pick List of Daily Values

Print Changes

  1. Add name of window being printed to status display at bottom of application.
  2. Add year being printed to status display for Daily Data.
  3. Add statistics data to Daily Data output.
  4. Add Cancel option to Daily Data printing.
  5. Allow selection of years to be printed for the Daily Data view.
  6. Add the type of Monthly Data statistics being printed to the output

Edit-Copy Special Changes

  1. Add selection of years to be copied for the Daily Data view.

New Features

  1. Add information for the More button and allow printing, copy special for More window.
  2. Add Peak Values database data windows: Annual Data, Partial Data, Rank Statistics, Summary Statistics, Remarks. Print interface for all five data windows Copy-Edit Special interface for all five data windows. Plotting of Partial Peaks data, Export
  3. Add Hourly Precipitation database, data windows: Hourly Data, Daily Data, Events Data, Storm Statistics, Monthly Statistics. Goto Date ability for Hourly Data and Events Data. Print interface for all but Hourly Data Ability to cancel Events Data and Daily Data printing at any time. Copy-Edit Special interface for all but Hourly Data. Plotting of Daily Data. Export
  4. Add Quarter-Hourly Precipitation database data windows: 15 Minute Data, Daily Data, Events Data, Storm Statistics, Monthly Statistics. Goto Date ability for 15 Minute Data and Events Data. Print interface for all but 15 Minute Data. Ability to cancel Events Data and Daily Data printing at any time. Copy-Edit Special interface for all but 15 Minute Data. Plotting of Daily Data. Export.
  5. Add Monthly Data export for delimited text format to Daily Values and Summary of the Day databases.
  6. Add Bin Statistics view for Summary of the Day.
  7. Add revised Export capability. Ability to specify multiple stations for export via either highlighting or marking. Ability to specify multiple parameters at one time.
  8. Use a floating-dockable toolbar for the application toolset. It changes according to the data record type being looked at in the Parameter window.


  1. Fix several cases where hourglass is left active when it should be reset.
  2. Fix several cases where windows in the Windows menu list are left checked when they arent active.
  3. Fix Edit-Copy Special bug where the Column format for Daily Data dropped years if there were years of no data in the middle of the data. It now copies all data.
  4. Fix Export bug for Hydrodata Daily Data where the year(s) selected do not have any data (water year-calendar year issue). Before, the export intermittently returned an arbitrary error message. It now successfully runs and returns a value of 0 records exported.
  5. Fix a Show Mark or Save Marked bug when more than one station is marked. Before, an error of Cant have duplicate key: index changes were unsuccessful was displayed and the application died. Now, the marking is accepted and displayed.
  6. Fix a bug where the data displayed in a data window is for the just-left parameter in the Parameter Selection window. It now displays for the just-entered parameter.
  7. Fixed a bug in Print Remarks where the lines overwrite each other. They now display properly.
  8. Make Show Row Mode to remember its status when Save Windows Layout is used, and to start up with that status
  9. Force the closing of all data windows if the Parameter Window is closed.

Version 1.21

  1. Corrects an error when Exporting in Lotus format where data fields weredropped. The exports now include all fields. Corrects an error that occurred when marking more than 10,000 stations. There is a limit of 10,000 stations when marking.
  2. Corrects an error that occurred when using Copy Special for the DailyData window when there was too much data. Copy Special can now handle any amount of data in the Daily Data window, as well as handling the other windows.
  3. Totally revises plotting: adds control over fonts, adds the option for a second Y-Axis, revises default naming conventions, adds control over Y-Axes ranges.
  4. Add functionality of Find and Order.
  5. Adds a Toolbar to the main window.
  6. Converts to Tab format for the dialog boxes used in Plot Info and Select Parameter.
  7. Adds Advanced Parameter search.
  8. Implements Copy Special for all windows.
  9. Implements Print for all windows.

Version 1.1

  1. Fixes an error when a window is resized too small. Formerly, this caused the application to die. Now it accepts the resizing.
  2. Changes from using Q&E™ data engine to Access™ data engine.

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