Application Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the latest version for Hydrodata for Windows ?
Version 4.05 is now available for upgrading from Version 4.00. This upgrade is not compatible with discs made prior to 2000.
Version 3.13 is now available for upgrading from Version 3.1x for pre-2000 discs.

Q: Does Hydrodata for Windows work under Windows 95?
Yes. Just remember that, while Windows 95 can handle long file names, Hydrodata for Windows cannot. Don't use long file names when designating the directory into which you are installing Hydrodata.

Q: I did a Search on ID for a station that I know exists, but the application said it couldn't be found. Why?
Some of the station IDS (especially the non-well USGS stations) have a blank preceeding the numbers. Try entering your ID with a leading blank, or use a leading *.

Q: Everytime I open the application, I have to resize all my windows. Is there any way I can fix this to remember my sizes and layout?
Yes. Resize your windows using the mouse to drag the windows to the size you like. You can also move the window around and position it where you like. When all is ready, click on the Option-Save Windows Layout command. From then on, the application will use this layout whenever you start up, even if you move or resize the windows in between times. You can resize and move windows at any time, and issue the Save Windows Layout command at any time.

Q: I clicked on a station that I know measured a certain parameter, but the Parameter Window doesn't show this parameter.
The parameters for a station are shown in a scrollable data grid, with the parameters arranged alphabetically by the parameter name. Look for the number to the left of the parameter name - if the top parameter in the grid isn't 1, then there are more records above the top one but they are hidden because the grid has scrolled them up. You can either resize the Parameter Window to make the data grid larger, or you can use the scroll bar to move up in the display in the grid.

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