Version 1.22 Upgrade
for Duration Frequency for Windows

This upgrade is of interest to any user of a previous version of Duration Frequency.

The Duration Frequency for Windows Version 1.22 upgrade can be installed over any version of Duration Frequency that is intended to run against the 2000 discs. You can determine which discs the application is to be used with by starting the application and clicking on Help-About. A paragraph will tell which type of disc it expects to read.

This is an upgrade, not a full installation. It will not run unless you have previously installed your copy of Duration Frequency.

Bug Fixes

Installation Instructions

This replaces one file in your installation directory - the application file.

If you have any problems, contact Technical Support (303-443-7839). Please include your customer id number when you write, or have it handy if you call.

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Last Updated August 10, 2001
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