Version 3.13 Upgrade for
EPA STORET and GIS Compendium users

The Hydrodata for Windows Version 3.13 upgrade can be installed over Version 3.x (1996 or later discs). You can determine the version you are using by starting Hydrodata for Windows and clicking on Help-About. The version number will be at the top of the About window.

This is an upgrade, not a full installation. It will not run unless you have previously installed your Hydrosphere discs.

This upgrade is of use to Hydrosphere Data Products customers who have discs that contains STORET data, or any GIS Compendium disc. It offers expanded export functionality.

Installation Instructions

This replaces one file in your Hydrodata for Windows installation directory, and four files in your windows\system directory.

If you have any problems, contact Technical Support (303-443-7839). Please include your customer id number when you write, or have it handy if you call.

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Last Updated December 30, 1998
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