Information on problems in displaying some stations in EPA STORET

As of June, 1998, we have detected a problem in Hydrodata for Windows when it tries to display an EPA station that has more than about 32,000 samples. The symptoms are that you will see an entry for a given parameter in the Station Parameter window but when you try to view the data in the Observations window, it will say "#NODATA", and if you try to view the Sample window, it will say "#TOOMUCHDATA".

This problem is due to a design flaw in our software. It manifests itself in two forms: stations that have more than 32,000 but less than 64,000 samples show the #NODATA and #TOOMUCHDATA values. Stations that have more than 64,000 samples will show a subset of the available data. (For you techie types, this is because we used an integer field to store the count of samples, and we should have used a long field.)

We have fixed our software to correct the 32,000-64,000 case, but we cannot fix the software to handle the > 64,000 case without a redesign of our record structures, thereby making our software incompatible with older discs.

You can download the patch and execute it by using File-Run (Windows 3.x) or Start-Run (Windows 9x) to install the three modified files.

The affected states and stations follow. If you are not interested in the stations, you do NOT need the patch. If you really need access to the data for the stations that have more than 64,000 samples, please contact us and we will work something out.


Station IDAgencyCountSolution
01500011MOB4> 64,000Call us
01600011MOB4> 32,000Use patch
01700011MOB4> 64,000Call us
01701011MOB4> 64,000Call us
01702011MOB4> 32,000Use patch


If you need any of these stations, you need to contact us to get a new disc.
Station IDAgencyCountSolution
C-221CAL-6> 64,000Call us
S0421CAL-6> 64,000Call us
S2121CAL-6> 64,000Call us
S2821CAL-6> 64,000Call us
S3321CAL-6> 64,000Call us
CHCCC06113BUREC> 32,000Use patch
CHDMC006113BUREC> 32,000Use patch
RMID23113BUREC> 32,000Use patch
ROLD14113BUREC> 32,000Use patch
RSAC056113BUREC> 32,000Use patch
RSAC077113BUREC> 32,000Use patch
RSAC081113BUREC> 32,000Use patch
RSAC1092113BUREC> 32,000Use patch
RSAC101113BUREC> 32,000Use patch
RSAC139113BUREC> 32,000Use patch
RSAN007113BUREC> 32,000Use patch
RSAN018113BUREC> 32,000Use patch
RSAN032113BUREC> 32,000Use patch
RSAN112113BUREC> 32,000Use patch
SLDUT09113BUREC> 32,000Use patch


Station IDAgencyCountSolution
13500111MOB4> 64,000Call us
13500511MOB4> 64,000Call us
13501011MOB4> 64,000Call us
13700011MOB4> 64,000Call us
130112C131TVAC> 32,000Use patch
130114C131TVAC> 32,000Use patch


Station IDAgencyCountSolution
0142011COELMN> 32,000Use patch
0154511COELMN> 32,000Use patch
6176011COELMN> 32,000Use patch
6789011COELMN> 32,000Use patch
7067511COELMN> 64,000Call us
7347211COELMN> 64,000Call us
7347311COELMN> 64,000Call us
7604211COELMN> 64,000Call us
7606011COELMN> 64,000Call us
7616011COELMN> 32,000Use patch
7630511COELMN> 32,000Use patch
7668011COELMN> 64,000Call us
7680011COELMN> 64,000Call us
7688011COELMN> 64,000Call us
8275011COELMN> 32,000Use patch
8557511COELMN> 64,000Call us
8560011COELMN> 64,000Call us
8562411COELMN> 32,000Use patch
8575011COELMN> 64,000Call us
8577511COELMN> 32,000Use patch
8586211COELMN> 32,000Use patch
8840011COELMN> 32,000Use patch


Station IDAgencyCountSolution
28703011MOB4> 32,000Use patch
28704011MOB4> 32,000Use patch
28704511MOB4> 32,000Use patch
28705011MOB4> 32,000Use patch


Station IDAgencyCountSolution
OR5182R31ORWUNT> 32,000Use patch


Station IDAgencyCountSolution
06020002113FORS6> 32,000Use patch
15100003113FORS6> 32,000Use patch


Station IDAgencyCountSolution
476831C131TVAC> 32,000Use patch
476798C131TVAC> 32,000Use patch
475364CU1131TVAC> 32,000Use patch
475364CU2131TVAC> 32,000Use patch
476400C131TVAC> 32,000Use patch
475534C131TVAC> 32,000Use patch

West Virginia

Station IDAgencyCountSolution
KR31.1R31ORWUNT> 32,000Use patch
OR6741R31ORWUNT> 32,000Use patch

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