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pretty pictureThirty years ago, as a crew of engineers, we pooled our talents to create a PC-based model of the Colorado River. We were dismayed by the difficulty of accessing and retrieving digital data from several publicly managed environmental databases. Our futile efforts in scouting for a better way to access the information inspired us to invent one. In 1987, teamed with US West Optical Publishing, we used our scientific knowledge, database management skills, and software development expertise to develop and publish the first environmental database on CD-ROM. Hydrosphere Data Products, Inc. continues the legacy; transforming natural resources data into accessible information.

Operating midstream between data collection institutions and end users, we add information value to data, channel and distribute its flow. We reach out along the way, exchanging knowledge with those we meet, staying abreast of new ideas and technologies. As a constructive part of this system, we build bridges between natural resource professionals, educators, researchers, and data collectors.

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