Hydrodata for Windows Application

Hydrodata for Windows is the application supplied with Hydrosphere's data discs for accessing the data on the disc. The data are displayed in a series of views, or windows. Some views show station information, while others show the data either exactly as retrieved from the agency, or summarized into a variety of statistics .

You can perform complicated station selections using station and parameter attributes. Once you have located stations of interest, you can use the summary statistics on their data to determine if the data are of use to you. You can export the data values into files for import into other applications. You can copy the data to the clipboard for direct pasting into other Windows applications. You can plot the data and copy or print the plots for inclusion in reports.

Tips on Using Hydrodata for Windows
Version changes for the software.
Download a self-extracting demonstration of the software interface (579,042 bytes).
Download a self-extracting User's Manual Help File (571,846 bytes).

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